Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Frank Ocean Break Up A Marriage?

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Oh man, this is one explosive rumor right here that I hope isn’t true.

Allegedly, Frank Ocean has had a secret love affair with Christopher “Trickey” Stewart, The-Dream’s writing partner. Word on the street is that their alleged secret affair is what led to the destruction of the producer’s marriage to his wife, Makita, last year.

Here’s what Diary of a Hollywood Street King is reporting below

“I know about what goes on behind the scenes cause I work as an engineer in recording studios. I worked w/ Frank & I know the people that hang in his circle real well. Before Frank revealed that he was bisexual he was kinda in the closet. He was a mouthpiece for a lot of closeted married and single bicurious/bisexual men in the industry. A lot of these dudes have a sexual fetish for being serviced by other men. In the very very…

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